General information

Job Title
BHS Maintenance Supervisor - FLL
Thursday, February 15, 2024
Fort Lauderdale
Full/Part Time
Full Time
A.M. shift, Overnight shift, P.M. shift

Requirements and Description

Job Description 

The following essential functions for the BHS Maintenance Supervisor include, but are not limited to:
  • Lead the BHS maintenance department and immediately handle any issues and/or emergencies as they occur. 
  • Perform routine electrical, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, architectural features/finishes and systems' maintenance for the facility to the client's standards. 
  • Provide quality maintenance services in all trades - HVAC, electrical, plumbing, carpentry.  
  • Read and interpret schematics and building plans and have a strong electrical background. 
  • Approach work with a "safety first" attitude by following all safety practices, policies, and procedures. 
  • Ensure the proper maintenance and organization of all equipment; make arrangements for repair and/or replacement of used and damaged equipment to avoid service disruptions. 
  • Must be able to crouch, crawl, access tight and confined spaces, work under and around conveyors and work in high spaces using the proper personal protective equipment and Lock Out/Tag Out. 
  • Must follow all company safety processes and procedures. 
  • Must be able to complete assignments and be accountable for the quality of the work product. 
  • Must be willing and able to follow outlined checklists, maintenance procedures and task lists. 
  • Must be willing to accept supervision and conform to ERMC core values while developing consistent interpersonal relationship skills with peers, airline personnel, TSA staff and all other components of the airport community. 
  • Perform additional duties as assigned by Management.