General information

Job Title
ATL-Airport Facilities/Pressure Washing Technician
Monday, April 15, 2024
Full/Part Time
Full Time
A.M. shift, Overnight shift, P.M. shift

Requirements and Description

ERMC is Hiring ON-THE-SPOT @ the Atlanta Hartfield International Airport!  

Seeking Pressure Technicians for Immediate hire! Up to $17.50 hr. 

Opportunities: Pressure Washing Lead and Technicians 

Shifts Available:  

  • 1st shift 6:00am-2:30pm 

  • 2nd shift 2:00pm-10:30am 

  • 3rd shift 10:00pm-6:30am 

Position Titles:  

  • Pressure Washing Technician Up to 17.50 hr. 


Pressure wash technicians play a crucial role in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of airport properties, ensuring sanitation standards, restoring masonry from erosion, and preparing surfaces for new coats of paint or sealant1. 

Remember, this work contributes to keeping airport facilities clean, safe, and visually appealing for travelers and staff alike! 🛫🚿 


Requirements and Description: 

A Pressure Washer Technician harnesses the power of water pressure to effectively clean and restore a wide range of surfaces within an airport environment. Their primary responsibilities include: 

  • Surface Cleaning: Operating power washers and other cleaning equipment to remove dirt, mold, grease, dust, and stains from surfaces such as buildings, vehicles, concrete infrastructure, and industrial equipment. 

  • Consultation and Advising: Consulting with customers on-location about project scopes and advising on suitable cleaning solutions for the specific surface types involved. 

  • Equipment Setup: Moving and properly setting up power washers, hoses, ladders, and other equipment safely at worksites to access areas needing cleaning. 

  • Calibration and Safety: Correctly calibrating water pressure and spray nozzles based on the material composition of surfaces (e.g., brick, wood, or concrete) to avoid damage. 

  • Preparatory Work: Performing preparatory tasks, including light digging, debris removal, masking windows or landscaping, and establishing drainage routes to control runoff before pressure washing. 

  • Post-Wash Maintenance: Providing post-wash maintenance, such as applying protective sealants to porous surfaces (e.g., wood and concrete) once cleaning is complete. 

  • Physical Fitness and Safety: Being physically fit to handle cleaning machinery, paying attention to safety protocols, and planning effectively. 


  • Must be a local (in-state) resident. 
  • Ability to pass a pre-employment drug screen same day as interview. 
  • Ability to pass up to a 10-year background check. 
  • Must be at least 18 years of age. 
  • Must have authorization to work in the United States as defined by the Immigration Reform Act of 1986 without sponsorship now or in the future. 
  • Must complete fingerprinting ramp and SIDA training to obtain airport authority identification security. 

Physical Demands/Requirements 

  • Must be able to lift / carry / push / pull and move items of 70 pounds and/or more on a regular basis and repetitively lift weights of 40 to 50 pounds on raised surfaces. 
  • Must be able to walk, climb, bend, kneel, crawl, and stoop on a frequent basis and for extended periods. 
  • Must be able to work in cramped or high places. 
  • Must be able to carry heavy items throughout the airport. 
  • Must be comfortable walking and standing long periods of time. 

Preferred Qualifications  

  • Education: High School diploma or GED. 

  • Experience: One+ year of relevant experience. 


  • Flight Benefits - exclusive travel privileges for yourself and your family 

  • Competitive weekly pay. 

  • Paid holidays and Paid time off 

  • Comprehensive Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance FREE FLIGHTS Benefits for you and your family